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Knicked Up - 40

What is the origin of your derby name and/or number?

My name is Nikki but sometimes I get called Nick at practice. Plus, I like puns and wanted something tough because people say I'm too sweet. So Knicked Up just felt right since it had the Nick part in it. As far as my number goes, I just really like the number 4.

What teams have you played with?

Just Twin City Roller Derby … yah know … once I'm officially rostered.

How/when did you discover derby?

Well ... I have always had a love for roller skating. I used to go to the skating rink a bunch as a kid. When I got older, I wanted to get my own pair of skates. Then I found out Shreveport-Bossier had a roller derby team. So I contacted the team and came to recruitment night in April of 2018. But life happened so I left but returned back in January of 2019.

How has derby impacted your life?

Derby has definitely made me more confident and more active. Derby gave me a positive outlet for stress and life. It also gave me a new family to hang out with! 

What derby positions do you enjoy playing?

I’m still a fairly few skater but I’m open to all positions I’m asked to play!

Do you have a personal goal for this year?

My derby goals for this year are to become an officially rostered skater, to become more agile on my skates and to just have fun!

What advice do you have for new skaters?

The famous saying during Fresh Meat practices: “Even if you think you are low, get lower!” and “Derby Stance!!!!!!!!!!”
Also, squat! Do lots of squats! All kinds of squats! Do them whenever you can! The are vital.

What are your non-derby hobbies?

I love to knit, crochet, quilt and sew! I also love being lazy with my puppy and hanging out with my loved ones!

What is your day job?

Phlebotomist and CNA!

Final thoughts ...

Derby is so much fun!!! Just join!!


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