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Graham Reaper - 33

What is the origin of your derby name and/or number?

I really wanted to play off of my last name, Graham. I also wanted something that was a little intimidating. I brainstormed with a couple people and ultimately decided on Graham Reaper. I thought it was too cleaver. And 3 is my favorite number, but as it was already being used on the team, I decided on 33 ... It's just double great!!!

What teams have you played with?

Twin City Roller Derby will be my first!

How/when did you discover derby?

My bonus mom Beth is actually one of the coaches for the team. She has also been doing derby for years. She convinced my sister and me to attend the closing game of the 2018 season and we immediately decided to sign up.

How has derby impacted your life?

It has definitely given me something to be proud of. I still have a lot to learn, but  like having a goal to strive for. Also, it has helped me get more active which is a bonus.

What derby positions do you enjoy playing?

I'm not sure yet. I will find out soon enough though.

Do you have a personal goal for this year?

To make it to game play with the team.

What advice do you have for new skaters?

Don't give up! Everyone learns at a different pace.

What are your non-derby hobbies?

I really like to read. If I am not doing that, I am usually spending time with my dog, my friends or my family.

What is your day job?

I am a staff accountant at a CPA firm as well as a graduate student at LSUS.

Final thoughts ...

I can't wait to see where this year brings me!

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