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Experiment - 626

What is the origin of your derby name and/or number?

I'm a big Disney nerd and I love the idea of Stitch, aka Experiment-626; he was made to cause chaos and destruction, but was able to grow and love and developed a strong sense of Ohana and family which is what I feel like our derby team is.

What teams(s) have you played with?


How/when did you discover derby?

I started following TCRD in 2017 when they were still the Knockers and saw that they had a new recruit night. I decided to go for it and do something for myself.

How has derby impacted your life?

It has given me a stronger sense of self and has helped me grow more confident. It has also been a great way to release stress in a constructive way.

What derby position(s) do you enjoy playing?


Do you have a personal goal for this year?

Recover from injury and get rostered before the season ends.

What advice do you have for new skaters?

Get out there and try it, even if you aren't confident. You will surprise yourself with what you can do once you try.

What are your non-derby hobbies?

Reading fiction novels, spending time with my dogs, baking and cake decorating.

What is your day job?

Kennel supervisor

Final thoughts ...

Do something you love and make yourself happy.

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